Ellsworth Hill Orchard and Berry Farm

Peach Picking in Sharon, CT

Look for the Peach sign
to pick your own peaches in CT!


Pick Your Own Peaches


Full of flavor and as juicy as can be! Early in the season are called "cling-stone", meaning that the sweet flesh of the peach clings to the pit or stone. "Free-stone" peaches are available mid to late season. Cut in half around the center not at the seam. Twist detaching the pit from the flesh. Come try our unique, "Saturn" white peach also know as the "Donut" peach. One of our sweetest!

Available mid July through mid August. Fresh picked peaches are also available in our farm store Saturday and Sunday, and pre-picked at our farm stand Monday through Friday.

Health benefits of Peaches

Peaches are low in calories and contain no saturated fats. Nonetheless, they are packed with numerous health promoting compounds, vitamins (C,A,B-carotene) and minerals (potassium, fluoride and iron).


Pick peaches gold and reddish in color. A ripe peach is fragrant, firm, but not hard. It will yield to a gentle squeeze. You can also pick them slightly firmer and leave them at room temperature until ripe.


Wash in cold water right before you eat them.


Store fully ripe peaches in the refrigerator. Slightly hard but mature fruits can be kept at room temperature until they ripen or you can quicken ripening by storing in a paper bag. Keep checking their ripeness once placed in the bag.


To freeze, peel and slice peaches. You can add 1 tablespoon lemon juice to keep them fresher and from turning brown. Pack in freezer bags or containers.

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